David Reagan, a Personal Trainer From Atlanta, Shares 5 Fun to Do Summer Workouts

David Reagan
3 min readJul 4, 2020

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Exercise shouldn’t have to feel like a drag or something that you “have to do” all the time. Many people love spending as much time outdoors as they can in the summer months to enjoy the warm weather and soak up the sun. There are many activities that you can do for fun and still get a good sweat in. Here, David Reagan, Atlanta, Georgia native and personal trainer, shares fives summer workouts that you can do during the summer months that allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great time.

1. Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga

For those that love yoga, or even if you have only attended a few classes, combining yoga and stand-up paddleboarding is a great summer workout option. It combines the love for outdoors and water along with the mindfulness of a yoga session. As water conditions are never consistent, the workout will always keep you guessing as you find ways to balance and stay afloat.

2. Beach (or park) volleyball

Volleyball is a great outdoor exercise to help work your legs, arms, and core while promoting cardio. Many local recreation centers even offer summer rec leagues for you to join officially or just pick up a ball and head to the park or beach with your friends. Sand is a great tool when it comes to resistance, and experts have shown that a 30 min game of beach volleyball burns approximately 350 calories.

3. Swimming

Most people don’t realize the full potential and benefits of swimming. It’s great if you are recovering from an injury or are looking for a full-body workout. Benefits include increased lung capacity, muscle toning, cardio endurance, and better control of breathing. Depending on stroke style, you can work your arms, back, glutes, legs, and core. You don’t have to go crazy and swim endless laps in the pool, simply going for a swim in a lake with friends or the ocean can have great results too.

4. Hiking

Whether you choose to find a trail solo or gather a group of friends or family, hiking can be a great way to get a summer exercise in. As many trails provide shade or are at a higher elevation than your house, it can be a great way to find cooler temperatures from the heat. Hiking has been found to help reduce anxiety and put you in a better mood. Not only is it a great cardio option, but it works almost every muscle in your body. Why not enjoy the fresh air and capture great views?

5. Kayaking

Whether you own your own or find a local lake or river that offers rentals, kayaking can be a great exercise that allows you to enjoy the water. If you are on vacation, consider taking a guided kayak tour to learn about the area and take in the views. Studies show that you can burn up to 255 calories in just 45 minutes. Go solo or find a tandem kayak to share in the fun with a friend.

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David Reagan is a personal trainer working with executives and high-end clients in Atlanta, Georgia, helping them balance their busy schedules with workout and meal plans to achieve optimal results. He has graduated Atlanta Personal Trainer Program and is NASM Certified. David Reagan specializes in weight loss, personalized workout plans, bodybuilding, and nutrition, and believes that customer satisfaction always comes first.



David Reagan

David Reagan is a NASM Certified personal trainer who specializes in weight loss, personalized workout plans.http://www.davidreaganatlanta.com/