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Staying properly hydrated may seem as simple as filling up on water, but for your body, it’s a complex affair. Electrolytes like sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphate play various roles in transporting water through your body and absorbing it. Without the right balance of electrolytes in your blood, you can become dehydrated or even overhydrated. Whether you rely on it for sports performance or you’re worried about cellular hydration, David Reagan, an Atlanta-based personal trainer, shares everything you need to know in this article.

Causes of Dehydration

Dehydration offsets your balance of electrolytes. Usual causes are…

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What do executives and moms have in common? They are always on the go and never have time for themselves. Fortunately, if you have the drive to get in shape and live a healthy life, you can easily incorporate physical activity into your routine with these five tips from David Reagan, an Atlanta-based personal trainer for busy executives and entrepreneurs.

#1. Try HIIT.

Even a ten-minute high-intensity training session will get your blood pumping, so head over to a nearby gym and start moving. Jumping jacks, burpees, squats, and planks soon will be your best friends…

Getting enough exercise is important to your mental and physical health, and there are many different ways to get your body moving. Following a current fitness trend can be a fun way to shake up your normal routine and find new benefits. In this article, David Reagan of Atlanta shares some great fitness trends for you to try.

Streaming Classes

When the pandemic struck, many gyms were forced to close and people had to find new ways to work out at home. That’s when streaming exercise classes began to get popular. Now you can stream almost any kind of exercise…

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Circuit training is a type of workout in which you perform several exercises as part of a round, then complete several rounds of those exercises. It’s closely related to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts if you use exercises with a focus on cardio. Circuit workouts are endlessly customizable and can be used as part of a strength-building exercise plan, a full-body plan, a cardio-intense plan, or any combination of the three. …

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It’s easy to depend on the scale when you’re trying to determine if your exercise approach is working. While weight is an essential factor in your health, your body also provides other indicators that let you know it’s time to move more. In this article, David Reagan, Atlanta personal trainer, points out nine signs that you need to be exercising more frequently.

You’re Not Sleeping Well

Effective sleep patterns have long been linked to physical activity. Increasing the amount of time you exercise daily can improve your deep sleep habits, and you fall asleep more quickly.

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David Reagan, Atlanta certified personal trainer, takes an in-depth look into trending health habits that started to emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic to determine if more people are practicing healthier lifestyles and behaviors.

November 22, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

David Reagan, an Atlanta-based personal trainer, keeps up to date with trending health behaviors as a part of his work. After observing the spike in at-home fitness and improvement in eating habits after the start of the pandemic, he cannot help but ask if more people are now incorporating healthier behaviors into their daily routines since the beginning…

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We live in a society in which our success and survival have a direct correlation with how self-confident we are or, at least, appear to be. Confident people are more employable than timid ones when it comes to the majority of job roles in contemporary society. Of course, people are often confident in some areas of their lives and not others. Here you can find tips and advice from David Reagan, an Atlanta-based fitness coach, that can help you if you’re a bit short on body confidence right now.

Regular Exercise

Making the time to exercise…

No one looks forward to winter when cold viruses circulate more, and we spend more time indoors, where they spread more easily. Mostly, the common cold is a nuisance that stays around for a week or so and disappears. However, some upper respiratory viruses leave you with a dry cough that persists even after the cold leaves. Colds are caused by one of a variety of viruses that infect cells in the upper respiratory tract, and so far there is no cure. The best defense? Keep your immune system healthy, wash your hands, and avoid sick people. Practice healthy lifestyle…

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David Regan, Atlanta-based fitness specialist and certified trainer, shares his perspective on how fitness businesses can successfully maneuver around the coronavirus landscape.

August 29, 2020 /MarketersMedia/ —

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses were shut down, social distancing generated fear, and fitness facilities struggled with both factors. Consumers turned a cheek to their physical fitness routines as they traded in business casual attire for pajama pants.

“Even after some states allowed fitness businesses like gyms to open their doors again during these recent months, required social distancing has created a foreign practice that…

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Gains in the gym depend heavily on dietary choices. Food and drink can make or break even the most strenuous workout regimen. Here are the best and worst foods for anyone looking to build lean muscle as recommended by David Reagan, Atlanta-based fitness guru:

The Best Foods:


There’s a reason Rocky always drank that glass full of raw eggs. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, healthy fats, and nutrients. Eggs are also fairly low in calories which will help you build that lean muscle you are looking for. And don’t skip the yolk. …

David Reagan

David Reagan is a NASM Certified personal trainer who specializes in weight loss, personalized workout plans.http://www.davidreaganatlanta.com/

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